Tuesday, February 20, 2018

My most recent trip to Colorado

If you have not been, run, don't walk, (ok, you should fly) to Colorado. It is absolutely growing, "everyone" is moving there, and tbh, I can absolutely see why.

We flew into Denver, and walked around downtown, had a few beers at  some of the many, many breweries, and simply breathed the Denver air- the sometimes stinky, city-air, but the Denver air nonetheless.
Denver is totally adorable, and there is a free trolly that goes up and down the main drag, where you can hop on and hop off wherever you'd like! We did this to avoid long walks in the cold, and it was so convenient!

The Crooked Stave: awesome place for sour beers! It is in a warehouse-like building that has a few restaurants in it, and is tucked away in the back- its wonderful!!

 Great Divide was maybe the most popular (by locals and tourist) and tasty brewery. They had a great variety of beer, and the friends of ours we met, who live there, frequent this place (that says something!).

Probably my favorite, was Jagged Mountain Brewery. Reason being- they have a beer called Waffle Stomp- which is made with 100lb of waffles, maple syrup crystals inside of said waffles, and is 10% ABV.... uhm....can you say perfection? It truly tasted like breakfast.

Day two, one of my favorite people arrived in Denver, for her own plans (of securing an apartment for her upcoming move to the city!), so we met for coffee (which I got from Pigtrain Coffee co.) at Union Station. It is simply adorable, and you must go!

Once we were done with our 'Tour de Denver', we rented a truck (like the true blue Americans we are) and headed up to the Rocky Mountains! We chose Estes Park to stay, and I am so happy that we did. We stayed in a cute Air B&B by Wyndham, which was tucked into the mountains, but close to two breweries and yummy eateries in a very cute little town! This was our view from the room!!!

 We stopped into Estes Park Brewery, where we played pool, met a couple from Denver, and chatted with the bartender about what to do in Estes.

The next morning, we woke up- I made breakfast- and we drove through the Rocky Mountain National Park. PURE BEAUTY. Truly.  also, the drive was rather nerve wracking for me, haha.

Next, we visited Golden, CO, where Coors is made! 
We enjoyed a tour, met a sweet couple from Indiana, and tasted some free samples downstairs. Golden is definitely a cute town- and a must-see.

Last stop of the trip, was Boulder. Boulder is darling, and I wish we had been able to stay longer.  we strolled through downtown, as it started to snow, and ducked into a restaurant that I had heard was yummy, called "The Kitchen". It was chic, quaint, and certainly delicious!!
  The oysters, wine, salads and sandwiches we ate were perfect!

Colorado is one of my favorite places, for sure. and I cannot wait to go back!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Chill AF bride

Hello lovely ones,
Today Im talking about how to remain chill AF while planning the best day of your life! Wedding planning, as thrilling as it is, can be such a bear! There are vendors to schedule, money demanded from you left and right, and lets not forget- having to please the in-laws as well as your own family! Wedding planning can definitely get stressful, but it can be simplified!! Here are a few tips for keeping your planning as stress-free as possible!

Make to-do lists
The knot has a really great break-down on what to plan when! This keeps you on track and keeps your mind from wandering! Keep the "What do I do now?!?!?!" to a minimum by using one of these pre-made lists! These people do this for a living, and they have got it down pat! Theres even an app!! Having a wedding count-down will keep everything in its place, and you on top of it all!

Have a destination wedding!
this cuts cost for you, and what could be more breathtaking and exciting than having a wedding in an amazing place, with your nearest and dearest by your side? This is what we are doing- and I'll tell you- it is so simple!! I have to choose practically NOTHING, or I could choose every little detail, if I so desire! You have a planner that coordinates everything, so basically, you just show up, get your tan on, have some drinks, and do the dang thang.

Enlist the help of your bestie (and family)
Bouquets, center pieces, booze, can all be DIY projects and gathered far before the big day! Make a girls night, and decorate your centerpieces while having a glass of pinot! Have a 'stock the bar' party, and choose a reception venue that allows you to bring your own booze (and your own bartender!). We found a few of these, and they really help cut the cost of your big day. Flowers can be (next to alcohol) THE most expensive part of the wedding. If you want to make your own, you can buy blooms from a florist (call them first to reserve flowers!), and Pinterest "how to make your own wedding bouquet". While you're at it, make boutonnieres too! Have a baker in the family? Can you say wedding cake? Or, have a small 1 tier cutting cake (for pictures, or to smash in each other's face- if you're into that kinda thing), and order sheet cake from the grocery to cut and serve. No one will ever see it, and EVERYONE is doing it these days, promise! Hate cake? Have a donut tower!!

something WILL go wrong- it just will. There are too many tiny pieces that have to fit together for something not to fall through a crack somewhere. But, RELAX! This day is about you, and your handsome future hubby. Remember that! Everything will fall into place and be a beautiful, whirlwind!

Set aside some "me" time
It cannot be all wedding, all the time. Do yoga, get a massage, go grab coffee with your girlfriends, or better yet, *wine-down* with 'em. STEP AWAY FROM THE TO-DOs! It is so easy to get caught up, but chilling out sometimes will decrease the post-wedding blues (you know, when you come back and think, ok now what? Ive been planning for so long and now have nothing to plan!....and it will happen).  You need to feel refreshed and energized, not bogged down and tired!

Take care of you!
Eat right, exercise, drink water! You want to look your best, right? Start now! Good skin and good health= a glowing bride!

Hand over your phone
You know that BFF of yours? give her your phone on the big day. Let other people take pictures, answer texts, scroll through feeds, this day is about YOU! Soak it in, and avoid questions from guests like "where do we park". These things will stress you out, and your BFF can take it from here, I promise.

Make sure you EAT!
I can guarantee that you will NOT eat during the reception. You will be far too busy. Take some time after pictures, before you walk into the reception as hubs and wife, to snack on something, like, say, that yummy food you paid for? Do it!

The MO? you want everyone to enjoy themselves, and remember your wedding as a fun time. More than that, YOU need to have a great time- and at the end- a fabulous husband on your arm.

As for me, Im staying chill AF (on the outside anyway), and have officially sent off all of my e-mails with the resort and booking info for our December nuptials. Yay me! Its the little "check" offs that really make me feel accomplished. Also, this cute AF shirt, is from Taylor Wolfe shop. heres the link https://taylorwolfeshop.com/

more soon,

This is 30

Hi guys!
my 20s were absolutely insane- I went from thinking I knew who I was, to knowing I had no idea, to thinking I had it together again- until BAM I became 30, wondered how the heck I got here, and realized a few things. I have gone through a lot of wrong turns and dead ends- things that practically everyone goes through, so I felt like sharing through a blog may be a great "we aren't alone" tool. I thought a lot about creating blogs for various reasons before (nursing school *how to survive*, traveling, fitness, changing careers), and this one, about life, now, just seems right.
I will be addressing things we ALL go through- from 20s to now.

A little about me!
I am a nurse- but I wasn't always. It took a lot to get me to this point! I live in St.Pete, FL, I'll be getting married in December, and I have a sweet pup named Chleo. I love fashion/clothes (prob too much- can ya relate?!), travel, and figuring out how to be the best version of myself every day.

I am excited to share my experiences, ups, downs, and whats going on in this 30-year-old's life! I figure, we all feel pretty alone in what we are going through at times, and we all need some pick-me-ups, so why not do it here, together!

more soon,